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Tracy, Thank you for ALL your personal attention to the 1000 details and to your team for assessing, selling, donating and cleaning out all 5000 sq ft. (house, basement, attic) of our 65 year, two generation, family home. While six 40 yard dumpsters may have been the record, it could have easily been seven we’re sure, if not for the curb pickups you arranged. It was truly a huge effort and your unflappable ability to press ahead in a methodical and steadfast fashion is admirable and exhibited great resilience. Helping us with other logistics beyond your contracted scope (since we all live far out of town), did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated. We would be remiss not to mention that you not only kept to the schedule we laid out when we contracted with you, you coordinated accelerating the timeframe by one week which we appreciated greatly. Amazing! Tracy Jordan, Invites Sales was a no excuses, just results experience for us. With our sincerest appreciation, Eric S., Garrett S. and Kelly S.

Eric S, Garrett S. and Kelly S.

I was recommended to Tracy Jordan/Invited Estate Sales recently when I needed to sell Mom's condo and move her in to my home. From our first meeting, I was comforted by Tracy's knowledge, experience and her willingness to take the time to listen to my feelings and make recommendations accordingly. She became my "one stop shopping" for everything needed to empty the condo, keeping me advised every step of the way. Everyone that worked with Tracy on this project was professional and a pleasure to work with. When life moves you into this next phase, you want Tracy in your corner to help with her advice and professional implementation, along with her caring and excellent communication every step of the way! I would recommend her highly!!!

Louise C.

Well, I am elated to say that I participated and won my first online auction! I put in a pre-bid on 6 beautiful dining room chairs and then went on to the live auction the following day and was thrilled at how easy and quick the purchase was. The next day I was able to pay for my purchase over the phone. Tricia made that part of the experience just as easy and efficient. My family has worked with Tracy in the past to empty the contents of a home and I have also referred my cousins and numerous friends to the website and tag sales. Thank you for a very exciting and rewarding experience!

Amy M. East Northport

I have been doing business with Tracy Jordan for years now. I have purchased from her shop she had in GC and have gone to all 95% of her estate sales and participated in her online auctions. To make a long story short, if you don't include Tracy in your purchases, you are losing out on great prices and honest treatment. Every one of her employees is polite and helpful. GO TRACY.

Matt K.

It has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience all the way around dealing with the people of Invited Sales. All to often we find ourselves immersed in a moment of choice wishing it never occured because of an irrational behavior forced to deal with. Not with these people.. They are (THE BEST)!!!! I'm so glad I took the leap and found some fun bidding for valuables without being punished for being inexperienced. An experience not to be missed!!!

John D.

I've known Tracy Jordan for several years and have participated in the Invited Sales on Line Auctions many times. The bidding is fun and I acquired artwork, collectables and other cool stuff over the years. I highly recommend you sign up to be on their email list.

Alan G.

I could not have been happier with the interaction I experienced with Invited Sales. The staff was more than attentive and so willing to help me sell my dining room furniture. Phone calls and e-mails were promptly returned. They went out of their way to help me in a pinch. Eveyone there that I had contact with was professional, knowledgeable, kind, courteous and extremely willing to help. They know their business and I believe they are the best at what they do. Thank you Invited Sales!

Mary B. Floral Park

I've been searching for just the right desk for my bedroom for months. It was a difficult task because my needs were very specific. The minute I entered Invited Sales I finally found the desk of my dreams. It is a quality piece in perfect condition and price was excellent. Tracy and her staff were patient, helpful and shared my happiness on the purchase. I have already shared my experience with friends and family. Invited Sales is my new favorite shop. Regards, Stacey Sloane

Stacey S.

Tracy took the stress and anxiety out of handling the sale of my parent's house after my father passed away. I live out of town, and the thought of handling the sale of the contents of the house and the final clean-out of the house was overwhelming. Tracy took care of everything for me. She was very professional and incredibly organized and efficient. I highly recommend her services.

Christine R.

I have known Tracy Jordan, the owner of Invited Sales, for several years. I met her when one of my siblings suggested we hire her to clear out our parent's home after the death of our mother. Tracy met with us and was delicately direct in guiding us through the process. After we realized we had found exactly the person/business we needed, we signed an agreement with Ms. Jordan. She evaluated and photographed the furniture and furnishings of the home. The pictures were posted on her website in order to advertise the sale and to attract her clientele. Thereafter the sale was conducted, and our parents home was returned to us in pristine condition the very same day of the sale. She and her employees were friendly, knowledgeable and careful. Additionally, many of the items that did not sell at the sale were transported back to her shoppe to be given a third opportunity for a sale. The entire process was handled with utmost discretion and professionalism. I observed very little waste by Invited Sales or any its employees. They take reusing, recycling and repurposing to a new level. In these times of the "throw-away" society, it was nice to come across a business like this one. Several months after our family's tag sale, some of my parents more dated furniture still hadn't sold. Instead of being discarded, these things were donated to various charities, including victims of Super Storm Sandy. I was elated my mom's dining room set given a second life instead of going to a landfill. It was a lovely surprise when Tracy texted me a photograph of the dining room set in it's new home.

Renee A. Boston

When My wife and I decided to sell our home on Long Island and move to Florida, I needed help with what to do with the many fine furnishings, family collectibles and sterling silver that I was not planning on taking with me. I am a horse trainer and was given Tracy Jordan's name from another horse trainer that I worked with at the NYRA. Tracy Jordan had helped his family when they moved out of state and thought she could help me too. After calling Tracy, she came to my home and explained the various ways in which I could liquidate my home to prepare for my move. Tracy was able to appraise my more valuable items and offer me current fair market values on any items I decided to sell. She was able to educate me on the pricing of the various items in my home, so that I could decide wether or not keep or sell them. By hiring Invited Sales, I was free to simply pack the items I wanted to take with me and leave everything else behind. After evaluating and photographing the items in my home, Invited Sales handled everything from staging my home for a sale to transporting any unsold items to be sold on consignment in the Garden City shop. Donations to local families were organized and my home was cleared out and cleaned in one day. The new owners were able to move in the very next day. I had already arrived in Florida and was setting up my new home while this was all happening!

Al P. Garden City

Just wanted all of you to know that we were so grateful for all services during the hectic time of our very quick move. Simply couldn't have done it without Tracy and everyone at Invited Sales. I will always recommend you - our friends are also using you for their move and you will be involved when it comes time to move my father. Also, everyone at Daniel Gayle knew how pleased we were and asked a lot of questions. You offer an incredible service - at fair pricing. Thank you.

Graydon S. Garden City

I met Ms. Jordan last summer when my partner and I faced the overwhelming task of emptying out her childhood home in Manhasset, NY after her mother passed away in April 2013. Mrs. M lived in this home for over 30 years and it was full of furniture, clothing, artwork, dishes, and so much more... the attic, the basement, the double car garage, all 3 bedrooms and 3 common rooms. Ms. Jordan arrived with a highly professional and positive "can do" attitude that gave us a strategy to get through what seemed impossible. She is gifted, as she is practical, amazingly capable and highly professional. She provides a service in your community this is critical, as so many families such as ours, face aging parents passing away or unable to maintain their homes. Ms. Jordan, arranged for dealers to look at all appropriate items at a tag sale and brought what made sense to her shop to sell. In the end, she swept the house clean and we were able to turn the house over to an agent, who then sold it within weeks. We will always be grateful to Ms. Jordan and consider her a gift to all who have the fortune to know her.

Jane O. Manhasset

We stopped by the house to lock up - the house looks spectacular - you did a magnificent job! So clean!! We were amazed how nice the floors looked in LR and DR! I would be honored to be on your referral list! We have a good story - your ability to change a cleanout date with hardly any notice due to a snowstorm and you handled it on a holiday!

Renee A. Garden City

I needed to sell the contents from my parents home as well empty the rest of the items in a quick manner. Tracy and her staff were able to do this efficiently and in an organized manner. The customers that she brought to the home were respectful and very knowledgeable. I appreciated the job that was done on our behalf as well as knowing that my items were sold out of her beautiful shoppe in Garden city for an additional 2 months after the date of the sale! The home was left immaculate after the sale was over and ready for the new family to move in the very next day!

Marie H. Garden City

I used Invited Sales to stage my mothers house for sale and then to clean it out after it was sold. It couldn't have gone more smoothly.Tracy was professional, warm and understanding. My parents had lived in their home for 50 years so their was two lifetimes of possessions in the house. After Tracy and her team de-cluttered and staged the house, it looked like a real estate and sold very quickly. After we had an official deal, my siblings and I came in, took the few things we wanted and Tracy dealt with the rest. It would have taken us weeks, if not months to clear out the house. It was worth every cent and more!

Kathy M. Stewart Manor

I've been buying and selling items with Invited Sales for years. When I moved into a new apartment, Tracy helped me furnish and decorate to make the place a home.

Nicholas B. Manhatten