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Consignment & Sales:

The Consignment Store Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am-6pm
Tuesday 10am-4pm
Thursday 10am-4pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

Consignments are taken by appointment Only.
Consignments Include:
Window Treatments
Fur Coats
Decorative Items
Seasonal Items

Consignment Process:

If you would like to consign items in our shoppe, live auctions or online auctions, please call 516 279-6378 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are based on availability of space for the items you are bringing in. We do not take consignments without an appointment. Upon consignment your item's will be priced to sell for a period of 60 days. These prices may be reduced up to 20% during the first 45 days from the consignment date and up to 50% thereafter. Payments are mailed out to the address on file 3 months after the date of sale. We accept items in clean and polished condition. If you would like your items returned you must contact the store prior to the 60 day expiration date to schedule an appointment to pick up any unsold items. Any items left in the store after the 60 day expiration date become property of the store.

Hosting a Sale:

At home consultations are offered to explain the several ways to liquidate the contents of a home. Based on the contents of the home, we will be able to offer suggestions on how to sell specific items, the cost involved to host a sale as well as an estimate on what a sale could bring in.

Hosting an Online Auction:

The Online Auctions are for customers who would like to sell contents of their homes but do not want to have people come into their homes. Similar to a tag sale, we offer all of the same services without anyone entering your home.

Call us at 516-567-2960 to discuss your estate or tag sale needs.

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In the Shoppe:

Oil on Canvas by Hal Singer
Oil on Canvas by Hal Singer

By GH Rothe Moondance II 26.5x36
By GH Rothe Moondance II 26.5x36

Burberry Lined Trench Coat 44R
Burberry Lined Trench Coat 44R

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